Historical adventure in South


Located in the Majestic City of Ponce, the Serrallés Castle is a symbol of an era of opulence and splendor. The imposing structure houses the Serrallés Castle Museum, one of the most visited museums in Puerto Rico.

The museum houses an already closed page of the history when sugar cane was one of the main crops in Puerto Rico and used as a model the Serrallés Family’s Hacienda Mercedita to present that history and the history of Puerto Rican rum.

This is because the Serrallés family was among the largest producers of rum and sugar in the world. Also, one can celebrate special events on its beautiful terraces – terraces framed in an elegant and tasteful environment, due to their architectural value and the beauty of their gardens, with a spectacular view of Puerto Rico’s southern coast.

If you would like a historical adventure, we invite you to visit the castle on the El Vigía hill from Thursday to Sunday, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. For more information, you may call 787-259-1774 or visit www.castilloserralles.org.