The sleeping giant isn’t asleep at all


We can enjoy many adventures while being in contact with nature. The Villas Sotomayor Parador is one of those places. There you can savor a relaxed environment while enjoying a variety of activities for the whole family.

Kayaking is one of the activities where you can enjoy nature in one of the most amazing places, which can be the Gazas reservoir in that municipality, also known as the sleeping giant. The adventure began by explaining the route, the attractions we could find, and the security measures.

Aside from being fun, it is an activity where you exercise your body, but at the same time it is a form of relaxation. Perhaps for you first-times, it can be scary at first, but the fear quickly dissipates when you see how safe and how much fun it is. The tour lasts about two hours, during which you are surrounded by the verdant landscape along with splashing water and a unique experience.

During the trip several stops are made at stunning, specially magical sites to rest and snack. The facilities also include a pool, an activity room, and among other activities a ride on horseback through the property. Then we visited the Las Garzas Restaurant located within the parador’s facilities to delight in a first-class culinary experience. The place has a varied menu that includes offers from breakfast to dinner, including appetizers, its extraordinary coffee, and dessert.

Some of the foods that are consumed are harvested right at the Hacienda Don Jun farm, the owners of the Parador. The most famous dishes are rabbit fricassee, the sleeping giant, and tropical chicken breast with cassava mofongo, and the house dessert, sweetened citron fruit with white cheese. Let’s not forget that the delicious coffee that will delight you is from the very town of Adjuntas. For more information, call 787-829-1717.