Multi Adventure with Acampa


Throughout the four years that I have been experiencing adventures and beautiful sites on the Island, I never had the opportunity to visit the Toro Negro Forest. In my first experience I never would have thought much about appreciating so much nature in perfection, not to mention the endless adventures without altering nature.

First we started warming up with a small mountain hike until we reached the first waterfall. There our guide urged us to take a plunge into the clear water. Few were brave enough to accept the warm water challenge so early in the morning.

Then we continued our journey passing by other spectacular ponds and waterfalls to reach the first zip line. On the way, you can appreciate some of the fruits one can find, such as wild strawberries, coffee, bananas, yellow mombin (jobos), oranges, and also cinnamon, among others.

Our guide Raymond explained to each of us details about each of the trees and their importance and history. One of the most interesting and memorable parts is when you descend on a rope; when you start your descent you cannot imagine the natural spectacle of where it ends.

It’s amazing to go and see two parallel waterfalls; it’s magic, it’s simply a moment of a unique experience. This multi adventure is at another level and it allows you to disconnect completely and get in touch with much of what the Island has to offer. It is an Adventure and a test in a single place. This activity was led by the tour operator Acampa. For reservations call 787-629-0222.