Galloping Adventure


I have lots of family in Adjuntas, and I have gone several times, but I had never visited the Villa Sotomayor Hacienda. In my experience, we were able to see their amazing facilities. We arrived very early to have breakfast.

They have the best coffee I’ve ever had and I’m not kidding – it was really good! Afterwards, we went kayaking and enjoying the Adjuntas scenery, which is amazing and I recommend it. After lunch we went horseback riding. This was my first experience riding a horse. My horse was called Bam Bam.

I like a lot what you feel when using this mode of transportation, which was the traditional mode in Puerto Rico before there were cars. It was a super ride, and safe. During the ride we saw some of the food that is grown on site, such as coffee, vegetables, and fruits. You can also look at the fish ponds they have on the property.

While we were riding it started to rain, and I loved it because, who doesn’t like the rain! And at the end of the day we ended up just like we began, drinking hot coffee. No previous experience is necessary, and riding a horse is a recreational and therapeutic activity. Both children and adults can do this activity. To book this adventure, call 787-829-1717.