Pomarrosa in Ponce


As soon as you arrive you start feeling the change of ambiance because this place is surrounded by mountains. On the road, as you get close to the entrance to the hacienda, there are many trees bearing different fruits that can be picked and enjoyed as you get closer to your destination.

This hacienda gets its name from the fact that great numbers of the fruit pomarrosa (rose apple) grow all around the surrounding land. Pomarrosa fruit is full of nutritional value but this name is also the name of a very interesting coffee hacienda, Hacienda Pomarrosa or as it is known in English, The Golden Roseapple Farm, Inc.

There is no doubt that the most ubiquitous drink in Puerto Rico is coffee. This delicious drink is considered to be an elixir in the lifestyle of many. My love for coffee is for its particular taste and aroma.

The Hacienda offers varied experiences, such as a tour through the coffee plantation, roast and milling of the coffee, with the added benefit, of a great panoramic view of a beautiful landscape.

The harvesting of the coffee is done only by hand which gives it the artesian coffee classification. Hacienda Pomarrosa also harvests grapefruit, oranges, plantians, bananas and other fruits. A new project is coming along at this exceptional Hacienda, an Eco-Lodge is being planned to be built on the premises where the guest will be treated to a magical experience in the full sense of the word.

Eco-lodge will have cabins to allow the guest feel what it is to live on a plantation. Kurt Legner, the owner of this magnificent place, is also one of the guides explaining to the visitors the history of coffee in Puerto Rico. The best part of this visit is the coffee break which is accompanied by fresh cake baked right there on the premises. For more information visit our web page www.cafepomarrosa.com.