Diving in Desecheo extreme


By JP Zegarra

Sikeo or high land as it was called by the native tainos, is a mountain in the middle of the island of Mona’s landscape. As you travel by boat to get there you can enjoy this beautiful landscape, the bottom of the sea looks incredible. Everytime I visit Sikeo, I am surprised by its deep blue and crystal clear waters.

At arrival, and anxious to jump in the water, I get my scuba gear and my camera ready. We jump in the water and we become like fish in the magical environment. The water is so clear that it is hard to decide where to look because you want take it all in at once. The underwater scenery is of great beauty and the only way I can describe diving in Desecheo is saying that it is a treasure trove of suprises.

The company in these diving adventures are corals, sponges, fish of all kind, turtles and sharks. During the cold months you will be serenated by the humpback whales singing. Beautiful coral reefs of varied kinds are there for your amazement and this includes the caverns, tunnels and a sunken ship lying beside its huge anchor that are part of the décor that makes this dive full of wonder.

This area has diving for advanced divers as well as newbies. My favorite area is the famous yello reef but, you have to be careful because it deep and has strong currents. We have to understand the critical importance of conserving these natural beauties to be able to continue to enjoy the diverse marine life that this area is home to.

For this very same reason, since the year 2000, half a mile around Desecheo was designated as a marine reserve and no fishing zone. With the help of all of us, Desecheo is and will continue to be, one of the best places to dive in Puerto Rico. To enjoy this dive you should consult a local dive guide.