At Full Speed


Motocross is an extreme sport that has always enjoyed great acceptance in Puerto Rico. It requires a closed circuit and obstacles as part of its execution.

Risky jumps are done with the motorcycle and its difficulty depends on the circuit were these amazing people ride, the objective, in the end, is the same, to be the first one to cross the finish line.

There is no doubt that it is a sport that makes you pump adrenaline at full blast. Once you get on the bike you start feeling the rush of emotion inundating your body. Speed is combined with skill to overcome all obstacles in the race.

Security equipment becomes of paramount importance as well as the experience to manage the ride as safely as possible. Locally we have many places where we can practice in a secure and responsible way this great sport. With the security measures in place, we can begin enjoying this sport from a very young age.

Juncos is a town that has a great circuit to safely practice the sport and it caters to riders of all ages as young as 8 years old and can be used for competitions in different categories. For more information please contact Puerto Rico Motocross Association, Inc. at 787-436-6508.