Exploring Seabob in Puerto Rico


Sometimes we all have a moment where we wish we could explore the undersea world like fish do. Nature lovers, those who practice extreme sports and adventurers will be happy to know that now we have Seabob in Puerto Rico.

Seabob is a high performance water toy that will make you feel like a dolphin. This fabulous new toy is manufactured in Germany and it is a personal propel device that allows you to have a unique water experience, on and under water.

This new experience can be enjoyed on the eastern side of Puerto Rico and for this article, we tested the Seabob at Culebra. Using a mask, snorkel and a camera I had the seaborne experience of a lifetime. Operating this device is easy and adjusting different speeds just requires pressing a button.

The main advantage when using the Seabob is that you can see a lot more of the underwater beauty that with just snorkeling. The Seabob can go as deep as 120 feet and boasts an electrical motor that has 0 emissions making it 100% ecofriendly.

It can take upto to 16mph on the surface and 14mph underwater. It’s battery lasts about 1½ hours at top speeds or 8 hours at scuba diving speed. The battery will recharge in 1½ hours. For more information seabobpr en Facebook ó 787-447-7438.