Cave of Winds


One of the most interesting ecosystems that are found in Puerto Rico is its caves. These structures are formed naturally by the erosion of limestone that is caused by the subterranean rivers. Most of these caves are found at the central areas of the Island. This time we went to explore “Cueva de los Vientos” (Cave of Winds) which is located in the municipality of San German.

Once we got there, the guide instructs us on security and the use of the equipment. When we got that done, we start on our adventure hiking towards the trail that will take us to our destiny. The first drop is about 280 feet and one of the highest one. After arriving at the bottom of this drop I was marveled at the amazing subterranean world and its surrounding. After we all got down there, the guide took us through the huge cave and its maze.

We walked through halls, crawled and got all muddy during the tour. Then we arrived at a vault that was populated with a huge number of bats and Whip Spider, a distant relative of the spider. At the end of this hall we climbed up approximately 50 feet.

To engage in this type of activity you should be in the company of people with experience in cave exploration and rope use. You also should be appropriately dressed for this. We also suggest being in good physical condition. For more information please call 939-527-6094 or visit our web page: