Discover the NEW Parguera Village


Parguera is a costal community located in the Lajas community in the southeastern part of Puerto Rico. It’s name comes from the abundant fishing of ”pargos” (red snapper).

This village has been gradually changing from being just a fishing village to one of the most visited recreational centers of Puerto Rico. Boat tours through the mangrove channels, sport fishing of snapper and mahi-mahi, scuba diving and snorkeling, paddle boarding, kitesurfing and kayaking are some of the activities you can enjoy here.

The main attraction at La Parguera village is the two bioluminicent bays it has, a beautiful and unique natural phenomenon. The village has an extensive gastronomic offerings as well as local artisans who have a wide variety of pieces that show great mastery and creativity in their art.

Recently, the government invested in this area as part of a plan to revitalize the costal fronts. The project included the reconstruction of sidewalks, plazas, streets, the integration of vegetation and improvements to the electrical and drainage infrastructure.

They also constructed a third floor to a viewer which now allows the visitor an excellent vantage point to see the mangroves and islets that distinguish this area. Our local merchants were also benefitted with this effort.

They now have facilities that are more comfortable and the boat operators have better space to work in. Hotels and Inns are available for vacationing or a short escape to enjoy this most beautiful place. For more information please visit