Explore: El Maipo


It only takes 45 minute from Santiago, Chile, to reach El Yeso Dam. This reservoir is located in the Andes, San José de Maipo municipality, Province of the Santiago Metropolitan Region. Its construction took ten years and was inaugurated in 1964. This place has become an escape for those who want to catch a breath of fresh air and get away from the city bustle for a while. It’s a gorgeous natural environment. Discovering sites like these, at such a short distance from the city, in small villages on the Andes river basin, are quite remarkable to experience moments of harmony and unwinding.

Once there, immediately you sense its peacefulness and beauty as it reveals itself at every corner of the pathway. On the other hand, in addition to providing the village with its energy source, Maipo River, is a great place to experience river sport rapids. Outdoors adventurers can practice canopy, rafting, trekking, horseback riding and other activities.

You will find small gastronomic places along the road. Their empanadas baked in clay ovens, kneaded bread, and dried fruits from the home gardens, will give you a taste of their local cuisine. You can drive your car or take a company tour in a medium size vehicle. Therefore, if you visit Santiago, any time of the year, make sure Yeso del Maipo is on your agenda; adventure on with an overnight stay.