Iguazú: A Wonderful Place


At the slight mention of Argentina our minds quickly think of the Argentine barbecue, Tango, wine and the Patagonia. However, Argentina is so much more. In the Province of Misiones, located on the north border of the country, you will find the magical city of Puerto Iguazú. Iguazú comes from the Guarani word meaning big water. This city is a natural paradise and it’s landscape is the setting for memorable experiences. Its main attraction are the Iguazú Falls, which were declared in 2011, one of the seven natural wonders of the modern world. The falls are surrounded by the dense jungles of the state of Parana, inside the Iguazú National Park, UNESCO World Heritage since 1984.

The natural beauty of its environment is an open invitation to relax while you discover a memorable adventure. All the Tours start at the Park. From there, you take the train that transports you to the first trail, traveling through the upper section of the Iguazú River. Continuing the route with a bridge crossing, you come upon the most impressive waterfall known as the “garganta del Diablo” or the Devils’ throat in English. This is the main Fall of the cascades. With each passing through this northern trail you spot multiple chilling and breathtaking waterfalls that provide an excellent opportunity for a spectacular photos.

But your adventure doesn’t end there. It is not for nothing that this experience is called the Great Adventure. A safari type vehicle takes you to a boat that navigates under the cascades allowing you to sense de falls from below. ¡Be sure you are prepared to get wet because you are literally under the waterfalls! The combination of adrenaline and emotions make this marvelous experience unforgettable.

This park adventure provides each person with options to fully enjoy its environment through diverse levels of trails depending on the visitors abilities and interest. In addition to the waterfalls, Iguazú has a diverse culture. The Aripuca is a complex that features a monument built with enormous native tree trunks. With its thoughtful development this ecological park creates spaces for meditation and promote awareness related to the conservation of our environment. This Park is one of the most important Tourist attraction of Puerto Iguazú.

Events can be coordinated within the Park, it has a restaurant and local artisans stores. For more specialized purchases, Iguazú offers a Duty Free Shop located on the Brazilian border. The stores are set in a circular layout by category providing a nontraditional concept for purchasing. In its center you will find a bar that allows you to enjoy their beers and cocktails.

To reach Iguazú you must take a direct flight from Argentina. There are daily flights from all main airports in Buenos Aires with a one and a half hour flight time. The majority of the hotels are within the Natural Reserve turning your experience into one of nature exploration and direct contact with the environment. It’s a must visit destination. For more details visit www.iguazuconventionbureau.com