Pierdra Chiquita is the name of the rock climbing Park located in the Albergue Olímpico of Puerto Rico. Its name relates to the diverse rock formations that bear a resemblance to the natural area of sector Piedras Chiquitas, which is part of the National Nature Reserve Monte Oscuro in Salinas.

It consists of a monumental rock, 55 feet high, that stands out with the Olympic Flag waving on its top, between the foliage of the tropical palms. A taut cable anchored on its side, with safe systems of harness and pulleys, aid climbers on the 290 feet route. This park, technically designed for exercise, competition and family recreation is available from 9a.m. to 4p.m.

National Championship of Rock Climbing

The historic inclusion of sport climbing in the next Olympic Games that will be held in Tokyo, Japan 2020; is being celebrated by the Albergue Olimpico. Last November 17 and 18, they hosted the 4th National Rock Climbing Championship.

This event’s goal is to continue to promote sport climbing among Puerto Rican families and open horizons for local climbers. Competitors were challenged in the disciplines of Bouldering and Speed Climbing. On this occasion, Olympia Speed Challenge, a new adventure competition was introduced.

The challenge consists of completing the hanging bridges route, to reach the altitude of 40 feet, and finish the trail with an exciting free fall. The completion was divided in the following categories: children, youngsters, young adults, adults, and veterans.

The Albergue Olímpico of Puerto Rico is located in Sector Rabo del Buey, PR-712, Salinas, P.R., 00751. For more information you can contact (787) 824-2200 | or visit